Binx has made a heroic recovery after an extensive stay with Priory Emergency Treatment Service (P.E.T.S.) in the Brighton Hospital.

Binx, a handsome six-year-old cat, had an unfortunate run in with a dog, leaving him with a paralysed back leg and extensive, life-threatening wounds.

Binx won the hearts of the entire team during his 21 day stay in our cat ward with the hospital nurses and vets working around the clock to save him. At one point it looked like his wounds would never heal, but he proved himself to be a fighter and after tweaking his treatment regime, he finally turned a corner. In addition to emergency stabilisation and multiple surgeries, he received tons of cuddles and plenty of visits from his dedicated owners. His family even sent him handmade get-well-soon cards to decorate his kennel! Mrs Barton and the rest of Binx’ family were very excited to finally get him home, and are pleased to report that although he is now three-legged he is as nimble and as affectionate as ever.

He has now been appropriately re-named ‘Super Binx’, and can sometimes be seen wearing his superhero cape…