We are here to help you and your pets during the pandemic.

Like everyone we have had to make some changes to how we work.

It is impossible for our staff to socially-distance from each other at all times. We must do everything we can to protect our staff  and clients from the increased infection risk this brings. For this reason all our staff wear full PPE and we continue to ask clients not to enter the hospital.

We appreciate your ongoing understanding with this “no-contact” policy:

Your visit

Firstly do you really need to visit the vets at this time?

  • If your pet is well it may be possible to delay your visit – please call if you are unsure.
  • If you are shielding please consider if someone else could bring your pet.
  • If you have had symptoms of cough or fever in the past 7 days, or anyone in your household has had these symptoms in the past 14 days, please do not attend the practice. Instead, please make arrangements for a friend, family-member or neighbour who does not live with you to bring you animal in.


  • When you arrive for your appointment phone reception to let them know you’re here.
  • Please confirm your mobile number with reception.
  • Please keep your phone on – the vet may call you to discuss your pet initially.
  • Wait in your car or outside until you the vet calls or comes to you for your appointment.

Social Distancing

  • Please respect social distancing giving our staff and other clients 2M space.
  • We would be grateful if you wear a mask, even outside.


  • Your pet will be taken inside to be examined while you wait outside.
  • The vet will discuss your pet’s symptoms and treatment with you either outside at a safe distance, or by phoning you from the consult room.
  • Please let us know if you find communication by phone or via mask or visor challenging.
  • Please do let us know if your pet is coming from a house hold with Covid infection.

Home Visits

  • We are not able to offer home visits. The Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons is very clear that it is the owner’s responsibility to be able to get their pet to a veterinary practice. Please plan in advance for how you would do this in various situation such as if you were isolated, if your pet was collapsed etc. Enlisting the help of friends, family, or neighbours, or sending your pet unaccompanied in a taxi are all possible options.

Longer Consultations

Our consultations are now booked in 20 minute rather than 15 minute slots.

This is because of the extra time it takes to allow the necessary social distancing and cleaning between patients.

The knock-on effect of this is that we don’t have as many consultations available as usual.

We are still seeing delayed appointments from earlier in the pandemic when we were only able to see emergencies and cases from neighbouring practices who remain closed. We are grateful for your understanding that there may be a longer wait than usual to see a vet for routine appointments.

Vaccination Schedule for Puppies

For most puppies, we will now offer only a 10-week start (rather than an 8-week start) for vaccinations. This is because the 10-week start only requires two visits, where as the 8-week start requires three. We know new puppy owners are anxious to get them out and socialising as quickly as possible, but actually, starting at 10 weeks doesn’t delay this process. Our blog post explains more.

We are continuing to carry out vaccinations deemed urgent to safeguard animal welfare in the short-term. From the January 2021 lockdown we are limiting vaccinations to dogs and cats under two years old and farm dogs. We believe this policy balances the the need to safeguard animal and human health with vaccinations vs. the need for all of us to limit social interaction.

We have limited appointments available for these urgent vaccination appointments.

Phone Consultations

In order to reduce unnecessary contact, we are can offer phone consultations for certain things. This includes routine post-op checks and repeat prescriptions for certain medications. We may also suggest a phone consultation if you are having to self-isolate or are clinically vulnerable.

Nurse Consultations

Unfortunately at the moment we are unable to offer all our normal nurse consultations or provide puppy socialisation classes.  In the meantime, you are welcome to see a vet for things like nail clips and anal gland emptying but this will incur a standard consultation charge.

How you can help us

Unfortunately everything takes much longer and requires more staff than usual. All our vets now use one of our fantastic nursing assistants to help them examine your pets because owners cannot come into the consultation room.

Wherever possible, we would be grateful if you can take the pressure off our staff by using our online services:

Thank you for being patient with us as we do our best to looking after your pets while keeping you and our staff as safe as possible.