Insurance may cover some of the cost if your pet is unwell. The cover insurance policies provide varies a lot – so please make sure you carefully check  the details of your policy.

If your pet is insured we typically require you to settle your account in full and your insurance company to reimburse you.

Please inform your insurance company of potential claims as soon as possible.

It is helpful if you can let us know your insurance policy details including policy number when booking. You can upload your policy documents here:




Once your insurance company have settled the claim with us then we will refund you any funds due after payment of excess, admin fee and any deductions. Alternatively you can settle the account in full, and we can process the claim and the insurance company reimburse you.

It is your responsibility to check the details, restriction and any exclusions concerning your pets insurance policy. Please remember that if, for any reason, your insurance company refuses to settle your claim, (in part or full), you will be required to settle, in full, the outstanding amount with New Priory Vets.

Donna Hilton RVN and Julia Boxall RVN process insurance claims. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to give us a call on 01273 540430.


Direct claims and pre-authorisation

For a very limited number of insurance companies we may, at our discretion, be able to process a direct claim, – where the insurance company settles part of the claim with us directly.

Direct claims can be arranged if

1) Your insurance provider is not listed below

2) The direct claim has been agreed by the veterinary surgeon

3) We receive a completed direct insurance claim form from you (attached below)

4) You have paid the direct claim fee

5) Your invoice exceeds £750.

If we do a direct claim we require a minimum £500 deposit (£600 referrals) to cover your policy excess and a £25 admin fee for processing, and any deductions your insurance company may make. The excess is a payment which must be paid by you, regardless of whether you are making an indirect claim or direct claim. An excess is charged per condition. If your policy year ends and restarts whilst making a claim, you may be required to pay another excess. Some policies charge a percentage excess, as well as a fixed excess, on the total of a claim.


We CANNOT do direct claims for the following companies:

Animal Friends (* except if pre-authorised); ASDA; Aviva; Bought by Many; Computer Quote; Corea; E&L; Halifax; Healthy Pets; Helpucover; Insurance Emporium; Legal & General; Lifetime Pet Cover; Liverpool Victoria (LV); NCI; NFU; Paws Plus; Paws & Claws; Paws Plus; PDSA; Perfect Pets; Pet-Insurance.Co.Uk; Pets in a Pickle; Pet ID; Post Office; Purely Pets; Puffin; Thornside; Sainsburys; Saga; Scratch & Patch; Ultimate Insurance; Vetsmedicover; Waggel.

If you have an insurance policy with one of the companies listed above we CANNOT arrange a direct claim and you will need to settle the account in full and the insurance company reimburse you.

For elective treatment some insurance companies may allow you to arrange a pre-authorisation with us and their underwriter – whereby they may agree payment for specific treatment before consultation. Pre-authorisation cannot be arranged on the day of consultation and must be arranged at least ten days in advance.