Our practice is built upon our loyal, dedicated and passionate team. 

We enjoy a trusting, family-style working environment with good teamwork and communication.

General Practice

Dr Bronwen Eastwood

BVetMed BSc CertGP(SAP) MRCVS - Lead Vet

Bron qualified from the Royal Veterinary Collage in London in 1992. Bron spent 3 years in the Sinai working with Sinai Wildlife Project as well as working in Belize for 4 years running her own clinic and setting up Saga Humane Society.

Bron has worked in and around Brighton since 2002 as a general practitioner, gaining a certificate in small animal practice, with a particular interest in oncology (cancer care) and chemotherapy. In 2019 Bron joined New Priory Vets as our Lead First Opinion Vet.

Bron has a Whippet, 3 rabbits, 2 chickens and a tortoise, as well as two teenage daughters.

Dr Nicky Ross

BVetMed MRCVS - Veterinary Surgeon

Nicky loves the variety of being a general practice vet, but has a particular interest in looking after geriatric pets and patients with cancer. She also enjoys surgery, in particular laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery, and is one of our vets accepting referrals for laparoscopic spays. Outside of work, Nicky is kept busy by her family including soppy Labrador Puck and naughty terrier Kit.

Dr Chris Fisher

BVetMed MRCVS - Veterinary Surgeon

Since graduating from the Royal Veterinary College (RVC) in 2012, Chris has completed a university clinical training scholarship, as well as gaining experience in first opinion small animal practice. Chris has a keen interest in ophthalmology, diagnostic imaging and clinical pathology.

Dr Sian Musio

BVMS MRCVS - Veterinary Surgeon

After graduating from Glasgow University in 2009, Sian moved back down South and worked across a number of practices in the South East. She joined New Priory Vets in 2017 where she enjoys all aspects of general practice. Sian has a particular interest in diagnostic imaging and ultrasound.

Sian lives with her husband and their naughty Jack Russell Amber who is in charge of the house. She enjoys travelling and learning about different cultures and going to the gym.

Dr Vicky Butler-Ball

BVM&S GPCert(Endo) MRCVS - Veterinary Surgeon

Vicky graduated in 2003 from the Royal (Dick) school of Veterinary Studies in Edinburgh and moved to Brighton in 2007 in order to join the New Priory team. She has a keen interest in soft tissue surgery and a passion for minimally invasive surgery with laparoscopy (keyhole surgery) and gastrointestinal endoscopy. Vicky holds the European School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies GP certificate in Endoscopy and Endosurgery and accepts referrals for laparoscopic surgery.

Dr Clover Crisford

BVetMed MRCVS - Veterinary Surgeon

Clover graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 2015. After a year working in mixed practice, she moved into small animal practice to further her interest in treating cats, dogs and other pets. Clover grew up on a sheep farm so will always be a lover of the great outdoors and, on a nice day, she likes nothing more than going for a long walk through the countryside. In her spare time, Clover also enjoys reading, cooking and travelling.

Dr Phoebe Leung

BVetMed MRCVS - Veterinary Surgeon

Phoebe graduated in 2016 from the Royal Veterinary College. She is originally from Hampshire and moved to Brighton in December 2016 to take a job working as a vet at the PDSA. A couple of years later, Phoebe joined the first opinion team at New Priory Vets. In her spare time, Phoebe is something of a Pub Quiz Queen and also enjoys keeping fit. She has a much-loved chihuahua called Roo who accompanies her on all her adventures!


Dr Roz Wright

BVSc BSc GPCert (EMS) MRCVS - Veterinary Surgeon - Brighton Hospital

Roz joined the New Priory team in 2009 as an Emergency Night Vet. After completing further training in emergency medicine and surgery, and many years of broken legs, splenectomies and caesareans, she took on the role of the Hospital Vet caring for our inpatients during the daytime. Roz has a keen interest in internal medicine, critical care, cytology and transfusion medicine. Outside of work she loves digging her allotment, listening to music and running with her big spotty dog ‘Teddy’ along the seafront. She is also an active member of the Brighton StreetVet team who look after the dogs of the local homeless community.

Dr Polly Underdown

BVM&S MRCVS - Veterinary Surgeon - Brighton Hospital

Polly qualified from Edinburgh’s RDVC in 2000 and has been a valued member of the New Priory team since 2009. Polly is part of the team of vets who look after the inpatients at our Brighton hospital and has a particular interest in emergency veterinary medicine and critical care. Outside of work family life keeps Polly pretty busy but she also enjoys being outdoors, walking, cycling and yoga.

Priory Emergency Treatment Service

Dr Katie Smith

MA VetMB Cert AVP (ECC) MRCVS - Clinical Director

Katie earned her veterinary degree at Cambridge and worked in general practice before choosing to pursue her passion for Emergency and Critical Care. She has undertaken further training in this field, including the Certificate in Advanced Veterinary Practice. Katie joined the Priory Emergency Treatment Service (P.E.T.S.) team in 2017 as their head vet before moving into the position of Co-Clinical Director in 2020, working alongside the Practice Manager to ensure the round-the-clock continuity of care for which we’re known.

Katie has 3 rescue pets: 2 lazy cats and one cheeky terrier called Jackson. In her spare time she enjoys walking in the gorgeous Sussex countryside, going to agility and tricks-training classes with Jackson, reading and discovering new vegetarian restaurants.

Dr Georgina Brown

BVetMed Cert AVP (ECC) MRCVS - Lead Vet

Georgi graduated from the Royal Veterinary College in 2011, and found her love of Emergency and Critical Care early on in her career. By 2013 Georgi was working for a busy emergency provider. She has since worked in several referral hospitals while travelling, before settling in her home city of Brighton and completing her Advanced Veterinary Practice Certificate in Emergency and Critical Care. Georgi is now Clinical Lead of the emergency team and is studying for a second certificate, this time in surgery. In her spare time, Georgi loves going on big walks with her Labrador Digger, much to the disappointment of the cat who loves a walk too, and doing DIY on her and her partner's new home.

Dr Ioana Cafrita

DVM BSAVA PGCert(ECC) MRCVS - Veterinary Surgeon

Ioana graduated in 2011 in Romania and moved to the UK where she completed a clinical training scholarship at Davies Veterinary Specialists. Since then she has spent time working in general practice, focusing more on emergency and critical care cases. She went on to co-found Hemopet (the first canine blood bank in Romania) and the Romanian Emergency and Critical Care Society, as well as achieving the BSAVA postgraduate Certificate in Emergency and Critical Care. She spends her free time with her husband, two young children, and Meme, the family's beloved Miniature Pinscher.

Dr Megan Prendergast

BSVc MRCVS - Veterinary Surgeon

Megan qualified in Sydney, Australia in 2008 and completed an emergency medicine certificate in 2011, before moving across the pond to see what we had to offer. When she's not saving lives she has a vast array of hobbies to keep her busy, including playing the Ukulele, dabbling in puppet theatre, a love of history and camping trips.

Brighton Veterinary Referrals

Gavin McAulay

RCVS Recognised Specialist in Veterinary Cardiology, CertEM(IntMed) CertVC BVetMed MRCVS - Clinical Director

As well as being one of our Clinical Directors, Gavin provides cardio-respiratory referral services (assessing heart and lung conditions) through Brighton Veterinary Referrals. Gavin holds several certificates and is an RCVS Diplomate in Veterinary Cardiology. His specific interests include pulmonary hypertension and feline myocardial (heart) disease.

Gavin has a particular fondness for Dachshunds!

Dr Michelle Zoja

MRCVS - Diagnostic imaging referrals

Michelle provides ultrasound and CT referrals. Michelle is our dedicated hospital imager supporting the first opinion and emergency teams. She has over 20 years experience of diagnostic imaging with additional interests in cytology and internal medicine. Michelle has worked in a variety of referral settings and her extensive experience allows her to provide a practical and pragmatic approach when assessing patients and advising regarding ongoing care.

Dr Vicky Butler-Ball

BVM&S GPCert(Endo) MRCVS - Veterinary Surgeon

Vicky has a passion for minimally invasive surgery with laparoscopy (keyhole surgery) and gastrointestinal endoscopy. Vicky holds the European School of Veterinary Postgraduate Studies GP certificate in Endoscopy and Endosurgery and accepts referrals for laparoscopic surgery.

Dr Nicky Ross

BVetMed MRCVS - Veterinary Surgeon

Nicky has a particular interest in laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery and accepts referrals for laparoscopic surgery.

Dr Clover Crisford

BVetMed MRCVS - Veterinary Surgeon

Clover has gained experience in laparoscopic (keyhole) surgery since joining New Priory Vets and accepts referrals for laparoscopic surgery.

General Practice, Referrals and Hospital

Shirley Noble

RVN - Head Veterinary Nurse - Brighton Clinic

Shirley joined the New Priory Vets team in 1983 and has been an integral part of the practice’s development. In her current role as head nurse at the flagship hospital in central Brighton, Shirley juggles her nursing responsibilities with various other tasks required for the running of a busy hospital. She has a yellow Labrador called Riley and a cat called Reggie.

Lynsey Tindall

DipAVN(Medical) RVN - Deputy Head Nurse - Brighton Clinic

Lynsey is our Deputy Head Nurse and has been part of the New Priory Vets family since 2002. She holds the RCVS Diploma in Advanced Veterinary Nursing (Medical) and has a keen interest in Diabetes and Osteoarthritis, running clinics within the Brighton hospital to provide support and advice to our owners.

Lynsey lives with her husband, two children, one dog, one cat, five chickens and four stick insects. You may often hear her referred to as The Crazy Chicken Lady but she thinks it is perfectly normal for her husband to sometimes find her bathing a chicken in the sink when the need arises.

Marie Gunter

RVN CC PHC ANA MBVNA - Clinical Nursing Administrator - Brighton

Marie has been in veterinary nursing for over 12 years. She is a qualified clinical coach as well as a pet health counsellor. Marie joined New Priory Vets in 2018 as our Clinical Veterinary Nursing Administrator.

As well as many years of veterinary nursing in the UK, Marie spent 7 years in South Africa where she worked on a game reserve assisting the vets with a variety of emergencies that involved lions, rhinos and cheetahs.

Marie has a French bulldog called Duffy who came from Nice in the South of France originally. When she arrived she could only speak French so Marie had to brush up on her French speaking skills! Duffy is now bilingual just like her Mum! Marie also has a 3-legged cat called Rambo.

Emily King

RVN - DipAVN(surgical) - Veterinary Nurse - Brighton

Emily has been with us since 2002. Like all our nurses, Emily is a qualified veterinary nurse but she also has a Diploma in Advanced Surgical Nursing.

Emily has four cats; Bailey, J.T, Millie Mouse, and Baby, and a horse called Cassie. She is also the very proud mum of a beautiful daughter.

Amanda Webb

RVN - Veterinary Nurse - Brighton Clinic

Amanda joined the New Priory Vets family in 2000. Amanda started as a receptionist in the flagship hospital in central Brighton but quickly developed an interest in nursing. Amanda became a qualified veterinary nurse in 2004. Her particular area of responsibility is working in the practice laboratory which processes a wide variety of patient blood samples along with various other tests and procedures. In Amanda's spare time she is a keen horse rider.

Tash Pettit

RVN - Veterinary Nurse - Brighton

Tash has been at New Priory for many years and is much loved by staff and clients alike, always going the extra mile. Tash has a particular passion for our feline friends and has been instrumental in achieving and maintaining our accreditation as an ISFM Cat Friendly Clinic. Tash absolutely adores her cat Smudgey, so much so that she was even gifted a pillow with his face on it!

Claire Reilly

RVN - Veterinary Nurse - Brighton Clinic

Claire qualified in 2008 with a keen interest in critical care and originally joined the New Priory Vets family working for the Priory Emergency Treatment Services (P.E.T.S.). She has since moved to the daytime team within the Brighton Clinic. Her home life is mainly spent with her cheeky children, her equally cheeky cats and her beloved VW campervan 'Bonnie'!

Keely Kosla

RVN - Veterinary Nurse - Brighton and Peacehaven

Keely joined the New Priory Vets team in 2014 and she loves working in referrals where she gets to work with lots of interesting cases. She’s a keen horse rider and is often out and about either on dog walks or at dog shows with her two Finnish Lapphunds, Teebo and Asha. Keely has recently taken on a rescue Springer Spaniel puppy called Odie.

Laura Hunter

RVN - Veterinary Nurse - Brighton

Laura has a passion for laboratory diagnostics so loves New Priory Vets’ well equipped laboratory. The entire team is strengthened by Laura’s supreme organisational skills in that department! In her free time, she loves to travel, collecting postcards from every place. While Laura doesn’t have a pet, if she were an animal she’d choose to be a cat, strong and independent, but suspects she may be a Labrador at heart: living for food and attention and carrying extra holiday weight.

Hannah Grantham

RVN - Veterinary Nurse - Brighton

Hannah (or "Lady G" as she's affectionately known by the team!) has been with us for a few years and never ceases to entertain us all! As well as being a barrel of laughs, Hannah is a fantastic nurse, particularly enjoying looking after our inpatients in the hospital. In her spare time, Hannah is kept busy by her farm, toddler and naughty horse, George!

Jess Cole

RVN - Veterinary Nurse - Brighton

Jess has a self-confessed "weird sense of humour" that thankfully fits in well with the New Priory team! She enjoys all aspects of veterinary nursing and often picks up extra shifts with our emergency night team just for fun! In her spare time, Jess likes drinking tea, watching Netflix and occasionally venturing outside to hang out with friends or go to the odd gig/festival. Jess has a cat called Moon who is a rescue from Lost Cats Brighton.

Hannah Walker

RVN - Veterinary Nurse - Brighton

Hannah is a self-professed "crazy cat lady". She particularly enjoys looking after our sicker patients in hospital and holds a certificate in Emergency and Critical Care. Hannah loves to travel and is a certified independent travel advisor!

Jodie Hale

RVN - Lead Veterinary Nurse - Peacehaven

Jodie qualified in 2017 and joined the New Priory team in 2021 as our Lead Peacehaven Nurse, having previously worked at a large practice in Kent. Having returned to work after maternity leave, she is enjoying getting stuck back into nursing. Jodie loves all animals big and small, but particularly loves cats - having 3 at home! She really enjoys nurse clinics and building a bond with our patients and clients, so she looking forward to starting nurse clinics up again at Peacehaven clinic when Covid restrictions permit. When she's not at work. Jodie loves sketching, crafting, and exploring the South Downs with her family.

Ami Biles

RVN - Veterinary Nurse - Peacehaven

Ami has been with New Priory since 2014 working between the Brighton Hospital and the Peacehaven branch. More recently she primarily works at Peacehaven, which she loves. Ami enjoys a mix of nurse clinics and surgery. She especially like working with cats and holds the ISFM Diploma in Feline nursing. At home Ami has a naughty Bengal cat called Belle. She's kept busy at home by her 2 small children, but when she has time she loves a bit of baking, time in the garden and days out with the family.

Julia Boxall

RVN - Veterinary nurse - Peacehaven Clinic

Julie works primarily from our Peacehaven Clinic and is responsible for completing clients' insurance claims, submitting them and liaising with insurance companies regarding ongoing claims.

Donna Hilton

RVN - Veterinary Nurse - Brighton

Donna started working with New Priory Vets in 2005. She has particular interest in cardiology and anaesthesia of unstable patients. Donna is responsible for completing clients' insurance claims, submitting them and leasing with insurance companies regarding ongoing claims. Donna is accompanied to work by her two very chatty dogs.

Stacey Yeandle

Trainee Veterinary Nurse - Brighton

Having started with New Priory Vets as a nursing assistant, we’re pleased to say Stacey is now a trainee within the nursing team. In her spare time she enjoys festivals and live music and spending time with her dog Hercules who is nowhere near as brave as he sounds.

Chelsee Cheatham

Trainee Veterinary Nurse - Brighton

Chelsee has progressed from one of our passionate nursing assistants to a trainee nurse. When she’s not setting studying she enjoys singing, reading crime fiction books, volunteering with wild birds and telling terrible jokes.

Hannah Pritchett

Trainee Veterinary Nurse - Brighton

Hannah is another home-grown veterinary nursing student, having started at New Priory as a nursing assistant.

Priory Emergency Treatment Service

Chloe Fay

BSc (Hons) CertVN ECC VTS(ECC) - Head Nurse - P.E.T.S.

Chloe completed her degree in veterinary nursing in 2012, whilst working at one of the UK’s largest emergency hospitals. She continued to work within the emergency and referral sectors both overseas and in the UK, gaining two further qualifications in ECC (Emergency and Critical Care): one of which is the highly prestigious Veterinary Technician Specialist accreditation held by fewer than 50 veterinary nurses in the UK. When Chloe hasn't got her head in an ECC book, she loves to cook gourmet meals for friends and family and cuddle her tiny Chihuahua Meredith.

Pete Foggen

RVN ANA AIOSH - Veterinary Nurse - P.E.T.S.

Pete has been nursing for over a quarter of a century, with over 10 years experience in emergency work. When at home, Pete, his wife and three children help rescue and rehabilitate wildlife via their charity Sompting Wildlife Rescue. Pete can regularly be found on the South Downs walking his dogs. He also volunteers with the Royal National Lifeboats Institution.

Sarah Gorry

RVN - Veterinary Nurse - P.E.T.S

Sarah joined New Priory in 2020 having moved to Brighton from Ireland on the spur of the moment! I've moved here with my confident and sassy cat, Maggie, who would be obese if she had the chance! Sarah's main interests in nursing are medicine and diagnostics and she's currently working towards her certificate in emergency and critical care. Sarah keeps the night team entertained with her constantly optimistic outlook and bad puns, which leave everyone groaning at 4am!

Amber Keighley

RVN - Veterinary Nurse - P.E.T.S

Amber joined New Priory in 2020 and has a particular interest in anaesthesia and emergency care. While usually working on "the dark side" with the emergency night team, Amber often also helps on the day team if they need an extra pair of hands. Amber enjoys swimming and days on the beach in the summer. She also enjoys tattoos and has a good tattoo collection!


Gavin McAulay

Clinical Director

Gavin is one of New Priory Vets' Clinical Directors as well as providing cardio-respiratory referral services (assessing heart and lung conditions) through Brighton Veterinary Referrals. Having been a part of New Priory Vets for over 12 years, Gavin is proud that it remains a practice driven by passionate staff with a family atmosphere and ethos that allows all members of the team to thrive.

Katie Smith

Clinical Director

Katie works as a vet within the Priory Emergency Treatment Services team but is also one of our Clinical Directors alongside Gavin. Katie has a real passion for developing staff and allowing them to excel in both clinical and client care. She is also a self-confessed geek and loves nothing more than a well-formatted spreadsheet!

Practice Management

Sharon Dockeray

Practice Manager

With over 15 years management experience within animal care, Sharon is perfectly suited to be our Practice Manager. Sharon joined the team in 2016, bringing with her a wealth of veterinary management and client care experience.

Working closely alongside our Hospital Manager, Sharon is able to ensure our clients and their pets receive the very best possible care; something very close to Sharon's heart.

Outside of work Sharon enjoys taking care of her naughty animals Stiggy and Twinkle. Sharon also has a love for adrenaline! So, when you don't see her around the practice, it's likely she'll be busy wing-walking or parachuting out of a plane!

Managerial Assistants

Claire Lewendon

Practice Administrator

Claire has been with New Priory Vets since 2008 and is our Practice Administrator. She is responsible for client accounts and the day-to-day administration of the Brighton Clinic. She's a key support figure for our staff and knows all there is to know about the practice! Claire has a lovely little black cat called Jessie.

Sue Lawson


Sue is the practice bookkeeper and she also helps with general office duties. She has two grown up children and three grandchildren. Sue rehomed a stray black kitten brought in to New Priory Vets with a head injury. He was named Baldrick and has been with Sue ever since.

Animal Nursing Assistants

Laura Bunch

LeadNursing Assistant - Brighton

Laura is our lead nursing assistant. The nursing assistants are the backbone of our hospital and have been invaluable during the Covid restrictions. The Nursing assistants have a varied but challenging role holding animals, stocking, cleaning, helping out on reception. Laura has been with us for 6 years after attending Plumpton College and being awarded a foundation degree in animal science. Laura has four animals: a Springer, a Sprocker, a Cocker and a Multipoo!

Jo Golds

Deputy Lead Nursing Assistant - Brighton

Jo has an honours degree in Animal Studies from the University of Northampton. Jo works tirelessly with Laura managing the nursing assistant team to keep every thing running. Jo enjoys being involved with the patients on a day to day basis. At home Jo has various rodents, ferrets, cats and children to keep her busy.

Hayley Farmer

Nursing Assistant - Brighton

Hayley has been part of the Nursing Assistant team for several years and is keen to train as a veterinary nurse in the future. Hayley loves dealing with people as well as animals and has a variety of pets including Stanley the naughty bunny.

Leah Stothers

Nursing Assistant - Brighton

Leah joined us with extensive animal care experience having studied animal care at Plumpton College and been a dog groomer for several years. Leah has a collection of pets including Harvey, a Cockerpoo, and Alfie, a Maltese terrier, as well as turtles and fish.

Amber Nicolson

Nursing Assistant - Brighton

Amber's passions are her trusty spaniel and travelling. Amber has lived in Germany and Australia and looks forward to being able to travel more in the future!

Cody Rae

Nursing Assistant - Brighton

Cody is a born and bred Brightonian who also loves travelling. Cody has come home after four years travel to what she describes as her dream job. Cody has two cats: Egg and Megatron!

Evie Taylor

Nursing Assistant - Brighton

Evie joined us just as the Covid pandemic started and has been a fantastic addition to the Nursing Assistant team. She loves dealing with people and will often been found helping out on reception. Evie has a passion for Animal Welfare in all its guises and would love to see reform of the Dangerous Dogs Act in particular.


Sue Merchant

Lead Receptionist - Brighton

Sue has been a receptionist at New Priory since 2015. She enjoys the interaction of being on reception and greeting all our clients, especially the four legged ones! Part of her many roles as a receptionist at the Brighton surgery is as an insurance coordinator, which involves trying to help our lovely nurses who process the many claims we do on behalf of our clients.

Sue has two tabby cats, Bert and Ronnie who are brothers - double trouble but adorable! In her spare time, Sue enjoys spending time with her family, going to the gym, spending time with her friends and borrowing their dogs for long walks!

Ellie Mae Whittington

Deputy Lead Receptionist - Brighton

Ellie Mae joined New Priory in 2019 and has recently become our Deputy Lead Receptionist, assisting Sue in the smooth running of the reception team. Ellie loves spending time with her family and friends and has a keen interest in fashion.

Carys Broom

Receptionist - Brighton

Carys is quite possibly our chattiest receptionist (quite an achievement given what a chatty team they are!) and has been at New Priory since 2019. She is quite a foodie and enjoys trying new food and exploring new cooking ideas. She also enjoys exploring new walks with her dog. At home, Carys plays a lot of video games and loves listening to all sorts of music while cuddling her cats!

Rosie Hughes

Receptionist/Nursing Assistant - Brighton

Rosie recently graduated from Plumpton College having achieved her Level 3 Extended Diploma in Animal Management. She's always loved animals, especially small mammals and horses. Rosie has joined the New Priory Vets team working as both a Vet Nursing Assistant and Receptionist and has aspirations to pursue training as a Veterinary Nurse one day.