Due to a review of the Covid-19 guidance by our governing bodies, we are now carrying out limited vaccinations in specific circumstances. We continue to focus on emergency and urgent cases, as well as prioritising the safety of our staff and clients. Thank you for your understanding.

The vaccinations we are now carrying out are:

  • Primary vaccination courses for puppies and kittens – including 2nd vaccines for those who have already had their 1st vaccine prior to lockdown. To minimise the number of visits required, we will only vaccinate puppies from 10 weeks old upwards. Kittens can be vaccinated from 8 weeks.
  • 1st year booster vaccinations for 1-year-old dogs.
  • Rabies vaccinations if this is required to keep passports up to date.
  • Myxomatosis and RHD vaccinations for rabbits (due to the high prevalence of these diseases in the area).

Vaccinations considered non-essential at this time include:

  • Booster vaccinations for cats.
  • Booster vaccinations for dogs over 2 years old.
  • New rabies vaccinations.

To reduce pressure on our team, who have been dealing with a much higher than usual number of urgent phone calls, please request a vaccination appointment using this form and someone will get back to you with an appointment time.

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